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Real estate investment management is available for any size organization, with any financial and ownership structures.

"Closing our books was stressful with lots of overtime. Now with Investment Accounting our accountants can wrap things up in days versus weeks. It’s really improved the quality of our work as well as everybody’s quality of life."

– Scott McGinness, Cohen Asset Management

Yardi understands the business functions required for investment in real estate

Managing the fundraising and subscription processes

Tracking and accounting for communication with existing and prospective investors

Calculating and auditing capital investment structures, contributions, distributions, capital calls, waterfalls and promotes

Managing debt as a borrower or as an investment and track all the processes related to debt

Simplifying management of financial structures above the asset and accounting at the investment and investor level

Tracking the performance of your investments, what is driving ROI, measuring against internal and external benchmarks

"MG Properties Group expanded its investor base by more than 350% after adopting the Yardi Investment Suite."

– Joe Anfuso, MG Properties Group

Yardi Investment Suite matches your business processes

Yardi Investment Manager automates the subscription process, improves communication with current and prospective investors and provides a self-service portal

Yardi Investment Accounting automates financial accounting, manages funds and complex ownership structures, generates reporting and calculates key investment metrics

Yardi Debt Manager provides a platform to manage the investment in debt, tracking taxes and insurance, billing and collecting from borrowers

Yardi Debt Manager – Borrower tracks loan terms and convenants, calculates amoritization, automates payments to lenders, aligns loans to underlying collateral asset managed in Yardi

Yardi Performance Manager analyzes performance of investments across portfolio, firmwide investment metrics, tied to industry (NCREIF, IPD) and internal benchmarking

Yardi Valuation Manager calculates value of in-place assets, managing assumptions leveraging operational data in Yardi Elevate Suite

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